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     Owners Steve and Bernadette Powers met while seated next to one another on an airplane. Even from the beginning, their life together has always been focused on having a healthy and fit lifestyle. They were already members at Anytime Fitness when they made the decision to put their passion to work and start XD Power Fitness.

     Steve brings years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps where he was in charge of Physical Fitness and Body Composition Programs.  He has a background in leadership, fitness, sports training and martial arts. Steve is a certified personal trainer and loves to motivate others to improve their physical fitness, self-confidence, and mental strength. He has experience with training individuals, small groups and instructing professional and college athletes, high school sports teams and children with special needs. Steve is excited to bring his experience and passion for fitness into this new journey as a business owner with Bernadette.

     Just like Steve, Bernadette has always had a passion for health and fitness and has been working out for more than 20 years. She taught yoga for over 10 years and also loves cycling, hiking, weightlifting, spinning, kickboxing and taking fitness classes. Bernadette works in the field of business development and she is a member of the Marketing steering committee at Davenport University. She also volunteers as Planning Committee Member for the National Brain Tumor Society, which holds the Race for Hope every year.

     As parents to both a teenager and a toddler, they have become even more committed to sharing their love for fitness and setting an example for their children. In fact, the XD part of the name for the gym comes from Xzander and Daxton, their two active sons.

     Steve and Bernadette are excited to create a welcoming environment for anyone who wants to “be active, be healthy and be happy.”

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